Comedy Shorts Gamer

Branding ,Web design

The Story

Comedy Shorts Gamer is a rapidly growing social media entrepreneur.  Uploading an extremely diverse array of videos, together with his dad (without intention), he has become an online success!  Combined with his eclectic range of videos, Comedy ‘Tank’ retail franchise is taking off and needed the likes of Rak Design to boost the brand and create a more interactive website.

The Solution

After hours of video watching and popcorn munching, the team at Rak Design was able to establish exactly what Comedy needed and developed a much stronger brand presence.  By developing a new identity, the team was able to provide not just a refreshed image but a brand that could be easily identifiable by his growing audience.

The Finished Product

The refreshed and fully interactive website is now being viewed on an international scale; greatly received by his growing network and has doubled sales since the latest launch.  Customers now have the chance to immerse themselves in the next car saga, whilst wearing one of his bespoke ‘Tank’ baseball caps.

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