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Bespoke Medical Consultations Online

Bespoke Medical Consultations Online

Branding, Logo Design, Web design

New branding and Website Development


This client is a new on-line only company offering a much-needed service of accessing medical advice and prescriptions online without having to go through your GP surgery.


The brief for Rak Design was therefore to create a company name, develop a company logo, create the look and feel of the brand and then create a user friendly, easy to navigate web site where customers would be able to book an appointment online and fill in an online medical questionnaire within the space of about 5 minutes.

The web site also needed to have all the appropriate SEO to drive organic traffic to the site, it needed a complex bespoke questionnaire building for the customers to fill in. The booking calendar needed to be easily controlled and accessed from the back end by the Client and the site needed to be very secure not only for financial transactions, but also for keeping all the personal medical history of the online customers secure.

Launch live site


Once again Rak Design has risen to the challenge and created a clean, fresh, modern, medical looking logo and an appropriate company name which says exactly what the company does : Medical Consultations Online.  The soft blend of blues and mauve used in the logo and across the web site create a reassuring and trustworthy feel to make the customers feel safe when using the site.

The web site is very easy to navigate, offers various places where you can find information about the medical condition you wish to discuss and gives the customer easy access to the online questionnaire which feeds all the relevant information through to the Practitioner so that they are ready to discuss, advise and if necessary, prescribe when the online consultation takes place.

In order to book an appointment, the customer simply uses the calendar to select a day and time. Same day appointments are available, and they can select the length of time (in minutes) that they would like the appointment to be. The appointments made can be by phone call or zoom depending on the customer preference.

At the end of the appointment the Practitioner can either advise treatment or write a prescription if necessary. This can be paid for online and then the prescription can be sent to the customer’s address or GP surgery. The web site also allows for orders to be tracked so you know when you medication will arrive.

This easy to use, effective web site takes all the stress out of waiting for hours for your GP to pick up the phone and then find time for an appointment! Perfect service, perfect web site!

  • An improved filter for sorting listed products
  • An Add to Wishlist facility, alongside downloadable technical data sheets
  • Improved navigation

Rak Design launched yesterday. They provided us with a great service, which was above and beyond our expectation. Attention was given to each detail of the website, taking into account the complexity of the website.

We are so happy with the website and would definitely recommend Rakesh for future work, thank you for a great service!

Sonya Bhindi
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