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The Client

AM Labels is a UK based label manufacturer, specialist label printer/designer and supplier of printing machines. They have an extensive customer base and can supply everything a customer may need across the board from blank labels to bar codes all the way up to sophisticated, premium print for high end packaging.

The Challenge

AM Labels has been present on the internet since 1999, but their previous web site presence was beginning to suffer due to:

  • Branding – the look and feel of the brand was very dated and looked out of place in the ever-increasing virtual world where people shop. This was also reflected in a tired looking website.
  • Site speed – their web site was very slow and so customers were leaving before being converted.
  • Sales – online sales were in constant decline, which was not logical in a world where businesses are moving more and more of their purchasing online.
  • Unhappy customers – due to the difficulty in navigating their web site and the speed of information load, AM Labels were losing customers!
  • Site functionality – many parts of the site had stopped working, which only added to loss of sales and customers deserting them!
  • Previous development team was unable to give them a fully functioning, modern, fresh and effective web site that would meet both theirs and their customers’ expectations.

AM Labels therefore asked Rak Design to completely re-design their online business presence, not only providing them with a fully functioning and easy to use website, but also one that had a modern look and feel appropriate to their marketplace.

Launch live site

The Result

The first thing Rak Design did was to update and refresh their company logo. It now speaks without words, visually representing what AM Labels do, but is both classy and modern and so will stand the test of time.

The e-commerce website was totally re-built using Magento as the e-commerce interface. There was a long list of requirements by the client, but Rak Design turned everything around and delivered the customer’s wishes in a very short amount of time. The new site is easy to navigate, fresh and clean and reflects perfectly the packaging world that AM Labels inhabits. All of the various elements function correctly and seamlessly and now that the site is hosted on Rak Design’s dedicated server, the speed at which data loads is perfect.

Sales have returned to their previous levels and site traffic has increased by over 40%. Customer conversion goals are up 107%!

Lastly, but not least, AM Labels are easily able to refresh and add new content/blogs and they are very happy with how the site is performing and the new look for the brand.


Mar 2019 to Mar 2022

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