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Brown paper packages tied up with string!

Jaykom Products are an international company, supplying multifunctional, dynamic packaging and displays for retail, boutiques, online shops since 1990. Their previous website and branding did not have any strong or sustainable lead generation capabilities and subsequently, wanted to encourage a wider audience to buy from their online store.

Jaykom scoured the earth until they found Rak Design and reached out to them pleading for a rebrand of their logo, photography and an eCommerce website, seeking a more identifiable and refreshed look to their overall branding identity.

(Rebranding with design) When the dog bites…

Rak Design wanted to give Jaykom products a more fashionable and minimalistic look.

Creating a visual identity, which was appealing to their targeted audiences, was fundamental in delivering a successful branding style and functional website.

Together with Jaykom products, Rak Design took the company out of the cardboard box!

They introduced a brand new logo, supplied a fresher style to their photographic images and built a highly functional modern website, which had larger lead generative capabilities. Rak Design also encouraged the use of high quality and visually appealing promotional resources and created marketing material, which was timeless and useable for all networking and conference-based events.

A few of our favourite things

Jaykom products are now more than paper and string.

Currently, they have an extremely functional and polished website, which has increased sales and encouraged a wider audience to utilise.

Their rebranding has created a visual identity, which is professional looking and desirable by all industries and their promotional material has created a more diverse and interactive approach to their marketing strategy.

Services: Magento 2 Development, Brand Development, Photography

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