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Marsh Industries – Refreshed look

Marsh Industries – Refreshed look

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Marsh Industries, based in Northamptonshire, is a leading manufacturer of sewage treatment plants and off-mains drainage products both in the UK and overseas. They specialise in environmentally sensitive off-mains solutions for domestic, commercial, agricultural and leisure sectors. They have a bespoke design system which means they can custom make any size of pumping station, sewage treatment or rainwater harvesting system that the client may require.


As Marsh Industries business had developed over the years, so many new products and technologies had become available to their customers and added to the old web site. This meant that the old web site had become overcrowded, slightly confusing in terms of where products could be found and not easy to navigate.

March Industries has a huge data base of training videos that are available to their clients and again, it had become hard to locate these.

The old site was not user friendly, and it didn’t reflect the Marsh Industries brand or corporate culture. There was confusion between products that were suitable for consumers as opposed to businesses, and the information about products was not clearly separated from information about the Company.

In short, the web site was looking tired and needed a total overhaul.

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Rak Design has actually been working with March Industries since 2010, so was very familiar with both the company and the products.

When asked to re-design the web site, Rak Design stepped away and looked at it from a logical and sector-based, rather than a product-based point of view and focused on:

  • Looking at the brand/corporate colours and how these could be used to focus attention in certain areas of the web site and also separate different information sections.
  • Working out how best to use “calls to action” to make it easy for the user to find sector specific product information that they would be looking for.
  • Looking at the various sectors that Marsh Industries operates in and separating the products into sector specific blocks.
  • Simplifying the navigation into product information and corporate information and using colour as a visual indicator. Making the navigation easy to understand and use.
  • Locating all of the training videos into one area on an easy to navigate page that expands as you click through the area of interest to you.
  • Using imagery to help the users understand easily the products and sectors they were looking at.


The result is that the new March Industries web site is a clean looking, modern, user-friendly web site that is a joy to use. The use of only the corporate colours across the web site gives it a very strong brand identity and appeal.  It is clear, informative and reflects Marsh Industries technical prowess and capabilities in an industry that is growing and changing as our climate changes and our infrastructure needs evolve.

In short, the new web site:

  • Is clear, easy to navigate and finding information is now so much easier.
  • Has visual colour separation between the products and corporate information.
  • Has an informative and easy to use home page with lots of clickable “calls to action” for more information.
  • Clearly uses the brand colours of blue, yellow back and white which have been used in a creative fashion to focus the eye and aid navigation.
  • Is bright, clean and modern.
  • Works across all platforms (phones, tablets and computers).
  • Has clear sector segmentation and then clear product and technology segmentation per sector, which is very easy to access, not confusing and very informative.
  • Has a huge library of technical videos that are easy to find and download.
  • Is very well structured.

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