One Stop Autocentre

Branding ,Web design


Finding a reliable and customer focused garage can be challenging especially when your knowledge of cars is minimal and limited to the diagnosis of online search engines!

One Stop Autocentre is one of Northamptonshire’s leading, family-run autocentres, providing expert care and attention of Class 4 vehicles through affordable MOT & retesting servicing.

Built on a community comradery, the team provide door to door services, encompassing an honest and approachable frontier.

A family run business who always put their customers and community first; it was imperative for the Rak Design team to accentuate this through the redesign of their overall brand.

The design just went retro!

Providing a brand that reflected their approach to customer service, the team generated an all-encompassing image which was friendly, traditional and could set One Stop Autocentre aside from their competitors.

The team adopted a retro theme representing the ‘traditional’ side of One Stop’s customer service approach and integrated a colour scheme which was approachable and visually stimulating.  Using modernised vintage icons, the team created a brand that encapsulated the community dream of one to one service for all customers!

The American dream had now become the ‘community dream’ for One Stop Autocentre!

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