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Bespoke Design and Development

If you have an established e-commerce business and need to take it to the next level, then we can build you a bespoke e-commerce site that will wow your clients and increase your sales.

Our website services are built around the following:


We will look at your existing business/website/customer base and agree with you what style and complexity of website you need to move forward.

Website Platform

Do you need a simple brochure website or an e-commerce site? We will identify whether the web site should be built using:

  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • Magento

How your new website will look visually is key to reflecting your brand as well as being visually inviting and engaging for your customers. It must be sympathetic to and representative of your company’s ethos and reassure your visitors that they have landed on the website that will answer all of their needs! Easy to use navigation points and calls to action will help to drive traffic.


What you see visually on-screen is only half the story in terms of an effective website. It is critical that what goes on behind the scenes is set up correctly and tested robustly to ensure that not only does the website work across all mediums (phone, laptop, tablet, desktop) but that it enables and encourages conversions to drive your business. If your e-commerce site is not built correctly, then you will not see the results you expect as customers can become very frustrated and will move away from a site that is not quick, easy and informative to use.

Content Writing

To help drive traffic, it is important that what is written within your website can be read and picked up by the many search engines that are out there, and which deliver your website to a customer’s screen. If you are unsure about how to write your copy, then we can assist you.


If your SEO is not set up correctly, then your site will not appear in people’s searches. Again, Rak Design can help you with this if you don’t have the correct key words set up.

Training and maintenance

if you require training so that you can do basic edits and blogs etc for your web site, then we can train you and your staff. We can also do the technical maintenance on a regular basis to keep your site healthy and up to date.


If your website needs supporting online with a Digital Marketing campaign, then we can do this for you and /or train you in how to do this yourself.

Why wait any longer? Get in touch and let’s design for you a more effective website.




Rak Design has won the “Certificate of Excellence” from Three Best Rated for being one of the top 3 web site designers in Northamptonshire in both 2021, 2022 and 2023. Rak Design is one of the companies that ranks highest for visits to its Google Business page.

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