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PPC (Paid-per-click) & Adwords advertising is one of the main marketing tools for most online stores. Why? Because effective selling of products on the Internet depends on reaching people who are interested in the offer. And this is exactly what the Google Ads advertising system enables, thanks to which we will reach even people who have already been to the page with the offer. Google Ads is currently the most effective advertising system on the Internet for e-commerce and many other industries. We recommend the use of Google Ads advertising in conjunction with the classic positioning in order to fully exploit the opportunities offered by search engines, although there are cases that advertising will fully achieve the intended purpose. And this goal can be traffic to the website, which we will increase for example through sponsored links campaigns in the search engine.

Google Ads advantages for e-commerce:

Advertising forms tailored for e-shops

Advertising opportunities offered by the system perfectly match the shopping behaviour of consumers.


PPC advertising is one of the most measurable and transparent advertising methods, allowing you to quickly find out whether your marketing campaign effectively and efficiently reaches the target group.


Google Ads campaigns are easily customizable, allowing you to focus on specific target groups and meet very specific sales and general marketing objectives.


Google has become part of people’s daily lives. It is the leading and most popular search engine in the world, but also the system allows you to run sophisticated remarketing campaigns in the display model.

Intelligent rate setting

The system offers the possibility to use artificial intelligence (and learning systems) to implement an automatic rate setting strategy aimed at increasing the number and value of conversions (sales).

Alternative or extension to positioning

Many online stores combine organic positioning with paid advertising in search results, thus obtaining a synergy effect of SEM activities. 

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