Glenn Armstrong

Branding ,Web design

The story

Property entrepreneur, Glenn Armstrong, has had an ambitious and proactive working career.  From creating a million-pound business out of a suitcase to losing it all due to the share exchange system, and then redefining himself into a property extraordinaire, building an empire of property developments leading him into his current status of a self-renowned multi-millionaire.

Taking the Glenn Armstrong brand to the next level, Glenn wanted to encapsulate a more modern and sophisticated look that could be recognised by a wider audience; promoting his story and inspire target audiences to become self-made millionaires in their own right.

The next step into world domination

As Glenn’s background story was so prominent in marking his overall success, the Rak Design team wanted to accentuate the ladder climb through a more modern and cleaner brand.

From redesigning and modernising the website, the Rak Design team also pulled together key marketing material including DVD & book sleeves, exhibition banners, and stationery; creating a more solidified and austere brand.

The finished product

Creating a brand that was exclusive, modern but still integrated the importance of Glenn’s background story, Rak Design successfully delivered a brand and site that went above and beyond the original brief.

Promoting sophistication and austerity online!