Diamond Treats

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Shine bright like a diamond…and a necklace and a bracelet and a watch…

Diamond Treats is the online jewellery store for Satyan Jewellers. A successful family run business which has been trading for 34 years, Satyan Jewellers wanted to expand their audiences outside the London area and interact with customers across the world. They wanted to light up the globe.

(Rebranding with design) One gem for them, two gems for us, one for them, three for us

Rebranding a Diamond shop was a gem to Rak Design (who were definitely not under the impression that freebies might be given out!). It was the perfect opportunity to ‘carat’erise their expertise!

It was fundamental to Satyan, that Diamond Treats would continue their sales success through a customer demanding platform and create a community of interactive customers.

Together with Rak Design, a new logo was created and their website was redesigned to reflect their overall marketing strategy for growth and profile recognition.

Use of photography was fundamental in highlighting their products and improvements to angle positions and resolution capabilities were introduced.

Diamonds became Rak Design’s best friend.

A diamonds for life, not just for Christmas

To date, Diamond Treats are blinding their audiences with their international success. Overall sales have increased and audiences have diversified.

Their current branding identity is instantly recognised and further promotional material has been created to help raise the company’s profile and position in the retail sector.

A diamond is forever after all!

Blog site https://diamondtreats.co.uk/blog

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