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How Magento are fixing the mCommerce gap;

The Challenge: The mCommerce gap leads to lost revenue for merchants. (Magento)

The Goal: To help merchants understand and reduce the gap. (Magento)

With the rise in smartphones, customers are now spending more time on their mobile devices. However, this is not necessarily a good thing for merchants. As this is not equalling in extra revenue. As mobile devices have the highest amount of cart abandonment. Compared with desktop and tablet devices at 86%. (

How to address the problem

Magento wants to help fix this through a mixture of initiatives and experiments. The Magento community have riled together to help solve this problem. The collaboration includes system integrators, technology partners and merchants.

Magento and its collaborators have started creating optimized experiments with participating Magento merchants. Merchants are able to choose from a range of standardized checkout optimization experiments. These will simplify implementation and allow for cross merchant roll up data.

Experiment 1:

Add a security icon to the checkout button;

This was only a small change, but it added a sense of personal security and did increase revenue by 17.37%. (


Experiment 2:

Auto-select the credit card type;

Again, only a small change. The change reduces the amount of data entry steps, by auto-selecting what card type is being used to pay for the products. This did increase sales by 21.53%. (

Experiment 3:

Add PayPal Express Checkout;

 Adding PayPal Express Checkout button to the cart did increase revenue by 8.72% (

 What they expect

As Magento and their partners keep on experimenting. There will be some unexpected results. Some experiments will go as planned which will be expected and some will not. This can be down to human behavior. Or the fact that each store is designed differently.

We hope at Rak Design they keep experimenting to help bring merchants the revenue they deserve. The experiments will also help the customers to get the shopping experience and products they are searching for.

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