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Design agency can’t execute your vision?

Today’s topic – Your Vision

As a client when you see your vision in your head you want it executed to perfection. You hand it over to the design team and you want to be assured it is in the right hands and your expectations can be met. This is only human, as you are trusting somebody else, in a very expensive investment.

It all starts from the brief

It doesn’t go without saying – you get out what you put in. This is exactly the case for writing your brief to hand over to your design team. The more content filled your brief is, the better this will be for understanding your vision. This could include images, colours, styles, and any other material that helped spark your imagination. Some projects are straight forward, and the brief does not need to be content heavy. But please avoid a page of ‘keywords’ – this will not benefit you and will only frustrate the design team.

At Rak Design we understand how important your vision is. This is why we take the time and effort to arrange a meeting with every client before every project. This could be over the phone, face to face or via Skype. This leaves us and the client in the exact same position and understand what is expected to be delivered.


As the client, you need to be able to trust that your vision is in good hands. This is why at Rak Design we will create an open dialogue. Where the client is able to contact a designer directly to see how the project is progressing. Creating an informal open dialogue allows any client to discuss what they like and don’t like about the project*. It also gives the designer the time to add their input to the project and discuss any elements that could need changing.

As the client, you must be open to the designer’s comments and vice versa. As this can quickly become a tense situation, where the client and designer become frustrated with one another. It is important for the client not to become ‘protective’ over their vision – as the designer will not be designing for you, but for your target market.

Clients must remember that their vision is a starting point for the project. It is the designer who has control over the brief. There will be some aspects of the client’s wishes that will not function – this could be fine edges and smaller details that will not work well for printed material. This is why at Rak Design we stress the importance of on-going contact as this will create a seamless and smoother project.

Patience & pleasantries

As the client, you must remember the end vision. It may seem straightforward and easy to produce, but there will be times where the elements required can take some time to build. In order to create a calmer and easier design process, we highly recommend being patient with your design team and also being polite. This should be a given in life anyway. By following these two tips you should have a stress-free relationship with your designer.

Please do not shove unachievable deadlines on designers. This will not benefit you and in some cases could cause you to lose your design team. The most important thing about any client/agency relationship is about keeping it transparent and open which will deliver the best results.

*Must apply within any financial agreement made with Rak Design. Changes to proposed design after a set period can incur additional charges.

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