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Technology has made shopping even easier for us since the arrival of e-commerce. With technology moving at such a fast pace with product like the Amazon Echo and augmented reality we take a look at 5 trends that could drive online shopping in 2019.

Fewer physical stores

With the fall of companies like Toys R Us, there leaves a vacuum for other companies to move into. We saw Toys r Us’ struggle to adapt to the online world. This means that there will be more opportunities for online stores to make money. Larger and more established companies could lose their foothold in the market as more people are shopping online rather than in a store.

Social media

Social media completely has changed how we use our devices and stay connected with people. We are able to use apps like Instagram and Snapchat to follow our favorite celebrities. However, with all the social media users across the globe. Not many of these users are buying through their social media apps. This could be about to change according to Meaghan Werle, Kantar’s senior e-commerce analyst. “We’ve seen platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest rolling out retail experiences over the last year. With ads on Facebook and Instagram connecting you directly to consumer or retail sites.”

This could mean that in 2019 we could see a real push from social media platforms to move into the e-commerce industry. People’s perception of social media would need to be altered. As people do not associate shopping with their social media accounts. If the user experience was straightforward, then social media could really be a key player in the e-commerce industry for 2019.

The voice assistant takeover

When we think of new technologies we don’t often think of the older generations. We assume, they cannot keep up with the lastest hardware or software. But, for example, if the Amazon Echo could allow people to shop online without using a screen or logging in  then it could severely impact the e-commerce industry. This would create a relaxed and easy shopping experience that people would get behind.

Online grocery shopping

With Amazon starting Amazon Fresh over the last few years they were thinking for the future. Amazon is looking to change how people do their grocery shopping especially in the U.S. We have already seen how supermarkets make it easy for users to order their food shopping on the internet in the U.K. With other large countries looking at these options we could potentially lose the need for physical stores.  Large companies like Walmart and Target will be looking to implement more click and collect services in their stores as they move into 2019.

Augmented reality

This is the most exciting topic covered in this article. The technology available to users now without needing to use any headsets or wear any special glasses is amazing. We saw brands like Ikea start using AR back in 2013, and it seemed like it was going to take off, but in reality, it was slow to get moving. It seems companies are skeptical in using the services, which we feel would be a missed opportunity. As it allows users to visualize products in the comfort of their own home. Creating a comfortbale shopping experience that could boost sales and registrations.

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