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Picular, Google but for colours. Picular uses search results to suggest colour palettes for any subject.

There are plenty of colour tools out there in the vast expanse of the internet. Picular is completely different to any of the others, as it gets its image and colour data from Google images.

This is one of many tools that are at the disposable for designers at the moment. The tool uses an online mind to recommend colours based on the keywords you search for. It will sample the colours that can be found in your keywords from Googles top image search results. You will then be given a selection of shades based on those keywords you have searched for.

The search suggestions given on the site are not the most groundbreaking. But you can be imaginative yourself and search for abstract phrases and images to create a colour shade that best suits your needs. Picular will generate a palette with anything you search so this could prove to be a really powerful tool to help you find the perfect colours for that project you’re working on.

Of course, you are going to have to be creative to find the right combinations, but this tool does offer a lot of opportunity and ease for when designing the perfect website or starting that new branding brief.

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