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The power of branding and the Logo

Logos have the power to make us do many things. Whether it is coming off the motorway a junction sooner in search of the golden arches of McDonald’s. Or pay a significantly larger amount than we had anticipated for our children’s trainers.  They can directly impact our behavior in a massive range of contexts.

Logos are intrinsically linked to brand recognition. Logos are often forefront in people’s minds when they are faced with a purchasing decision. No wonder then that the first steps in the process to design a logo can seem like a big deal for businesses. As one business owner considered:

Design is about personality and it’s about how you bring that personality to your consumers.

The key to getting it right is first to know what that personality is and to consider. How you wish to showcase this information about your brand to your customers.

So what exactly can a logo do for your business?

Essentially, a logo’s job is to reflect what you do and what qualities your company possesses. Colour, typography, imagery, and shape can all contribute to making an impact on first viewing. Which give a vivid impression of the brand. From that point onwards will serve to signpost customers towards your brand.

Giving customers an easy way to differentiate your products or services from the crowd is another important job of the logo. As Professor Robert Jones says: ‘Your logo is how people recognise you, and it helps express how you’re different from your rivals’. Being easily and swiftly identifiable can be the difference between customers walking into your shop or walking on by.

As well as being a showcase for personality. Logos have the power to elicit that ‘I know this company’ moment of familiarity. Which is key to establishing positive and long-lasting customer relationships. Building customer trust and awareness of your brand are key aims that should be behind every logo design.

Finally, a logo is something that can add greater financial value to your business. Amanda Brinkman of Forbes explains: ‘A strong, recognizable brand that customers trust helps ensure future business, consistently building the value of your brand’.

Having a clear and appealing logo can be just the beginning of a road to customer trust, confidence and awareness: isn’t it time you thought about yours?

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