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Social media channel 101

Think you know everything there is to know about the top four social media channels? We have gathered a whole plethora of useful facts and stats about the big four (and a few just for fun too!)

But first of all, what are the top four social media channels? Some of the latest statistics on monthly active users indicate that the big top four of 2018 (so far) are:

  1. Facebook with 2.13 billion users per month
  2. YouTube- 1.5 billion users per month
  3. Instagram- 800 million users per month
  4. Twitter- 330 million users per month


Facebook topped the leader board with some breath-taking user statistics, but here are a few more numbers to make your eyes water:


  • Founded in: 2005
  • Original purpose: It started life as a video dating site called ‘Tune in, Hook up’
  • Purpose now: To ‘Give everyone a voice and show them the world’
  • Average amount of time spent on YouTube daily: 40 minutes– although fewer people use it than Facebook, users spend more time per day on it.
  • Fun fact: Every year YouTube plays pranks on its millions of users for April Fools Day, turning the website upside down in 2009!


  • Founded in: 2010
  • Original purpose: The ‘goal [was] to not just be a photo-sharing app, but to be the way you share your life when you’re on the go’ according to founder, Kevin Systrom.
  • Purpose now: To ‘capture and share the world’s moments’
  • Average amount of time spent on Instagram daily: 15 minutes
  • Fun fact: #selfie is the largest hashtag, there are 57 million photos bearing it!


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