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5 Ways to integrate social media into your website

With the popularity of social media and its volcanic growth companies are looking to integrate it into their websites. If you are currently not doing this, you should. By integrating your social media into your website, you will be creating a seamless brand across all platforms. We take you through 5 ways to integrate your social media into your website.

1: Create custom-made social media icons

The simplest way to integrate your social media into your website is to create links. This will allow users to quickly skip from your site to your social media accounts. You should be creating your own stylized icons that are unique to your brand, this will help create a seamless brand identity across all your platforms.

2: Add a twitter feed to your homepage

One of the best ways to create a connection with your user is to add a twitter feed into your site. This can be done through twitter by using some widget and passing the code onto your developer. Or, if you are using WordPress you are able to install free and easy to use plugins. By including your twitter feed into your site, you will be sharing your social media account to a wider range of people.

3: Include blog sharing

If you have a blog and are updating it continuously, then the best thing you can do is allow your users to share it across their social media accounts. There are various plugins that allow you to the functionality for users to share your posts across their social media. This will help promote your site, whilst also adding to your SEO by creating good user engagement.

4: Instagram gallery

Users want to see a human side to your business. One of the best ways to do this is to create am Instagram feed. By doing this it will allow you to show your users behind the scenes. This can be set up and featured in your web design and give your users a first-hand experience of your site and your social media accounts. This will help to create trust between you and your users which will only benefit your brand.

5: Allow users to sign up with Facebook

Three-quarters of users prefer to login to a website with their Facebook account. This will allow users to log in quickly, increasing their registration conversion. It will also give your users the feeling of trust, as they are using a well-known social media platform to join your site.

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