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10 steps to create an engaging digital experience:

Nowadays it is vital that websites are multifunctional to create an engaging digital experience. Your website should be designed to protect the content from the outside but allow them to breathe inside their own respected space. A well-designed website will create engagement and have a high conversion rate. We have chosen 10 steps that we think will help you to create a better digital experience.

1. User types

You need to focus on the user types that will be interacting with your site. This will help you to design the site to the user’s needs. By focussing on the user type rather than an individual user, you are able to create a consensus that will suit various different types of individual users.

2. Simple experiences

To create an engaging website, you need to grab users as soon as they enter your site. This can be done through a simple design which encompasses a lot of white space. This will allow the users to navigate your site at their own pace and not feel forced to flick through a site that is heavily designed.

3. Bigger is better

When designing your digital experience, you need to make your Call to Actions big and bold. This will create two things for your site or application it will separate the Call to Action from the rest of your site, and it will entice your users to take a particular action. You will need to design especially big if you are creating a responsive site that will be viewed on various devices.

4. Be aware of all devices

Design for desktop and mobile will have different layouts and elements that create the best possible engaging digital experience. The best way to do this would be to design for mobile users first, this way you will know you are creating a responsive engaging experience that is compatible with mobile and desktop.

 5. Test, test, and test again

You should never assume that your user experience is a finished product based on how you think it looks. You need to check the balance of the content. The best way to do this is to test any product you create with your peers. You should even go a step further and test the user experience with outsiders as they will not be influenced by any inside factors.

6. Switch it up

Users engage differently with your content. To create the best digital user experience, you should create different content to suit all needs. You should be testing if you need to add videos to your site or if written content will suit your users’ needs more. Creating a diverse site that can keep users busy and attract new users can only be beneficial to your business.

7. Copy Is King

As mundane and boring as it may seem to some users copy text is king to creating a great user experience. Every word should have a purpose and tell a story as the user navigates their way through your content. The better the copy text the stronger the conversion rate should be.

8. Don’t forget social media

Social media will help to create an engaging user experience by allowing your users to correlate the business side of your brand (website) to the human side of your brand. There is also the aspect that the majority of people are using social media. So to have a good social media presence on your site and on the internet will only help your business.

9.  Make every user feel unique

Users want to feel that the user experience has been tailored to suit their needs. The best way to do this is to ask users as they are leaving your site to leave some feedback which you can use to help make your user experience better. The only way you are going to make it better is by asking questions and getting honest feedback.

10. Users want it their way

Allowing users to customize the site in their own way will create an engaging user experience for that specific user. By doing this you are giving the user the control to view your content the way they want to. The best way to do this is to create visual options that the user can flick on or off such as darker backgrounds for viewing videos or changing the text size for easier reading.

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