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Tips for Securing your Passwords, “If you want to avoid having your identity stolen, use long passwords that contain digits, punctuation and no recognisable words. Make up a different password for every website and change all your passwords every 30 days”.

Sounds familiar?

That advice is clearly unfollowable. You probably have account names and passwords for an uncountable number of websites. How is anyone – even a security professional – supposed to remember that many?

There is a solution. Here are 4 simple steps you can follow:
  1. Create a folder on your drive (not on your desktop) with an uninteresting file name, for example ‘letter to a school’
  2. Save a document in the folder with all your passwords against your URLs
  3. Make sure the passwords have one digit missing. So if you wanted to use the word Pa$$w0rD, this is how it would look Pa$w0rD (a missing $ sign).
  4. Then save, and password protect that document
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