An experienced and innovative advertising company based in Northamptonshire


Rak Design have years of experience helping SMEs advertise across the UK. Our approach in identifying the perfect solution for your business is built on our commitment to understanding everything we can about your company and the industry you operate in and providing solutions which position you as one of the top leaders in your sector.


Are you looking to improve the awareness of your brand? Perhaps you’re launching a new product or service and you need to find an agency who can help you promote it. Here at Rak Design, we can provide a wide range of advertising services, including:

  • Promoting you via digital channels;
  • Email advertising
  • Digital design;
  • Photography;
  • Exhibition design

In an environment where people are consuming more content and being exposed to more brand messaging than ever before, effectively advertising your company’s products and services is essential in ensuring your voice is heard.


Here at Rak Design, our experienced team can create engaging brand videos that convey your message in an effective and compelling way. We can handle every aspect of your video production, from the shoot itself right through to voice-overs, editing and music composition. We’ve established a great reputation as a leading video production company has worked with the likes of Rinedata on their corporate video production.

As well as video we can also provide excellent animation services that can help to tell your brand’s story, promote a product/service or explain a process in an effective and engaging way. Animation is one of the most popular marketing, and our animation projects have been proven to deliver results.

Voice overs and music are incredibly important when it comes to animation, which is why we offer onsite production services that include music composition and voice editing.


For advertising to work, it needs to be tailored to the audience we’re trying to reach, and this requires an extensive understanding of the market and what your prospective customers will respond to, whether that’s through first-­class digital design and photography, or an innovative exhibition stand.

Rak Design (UK) Ltd are a creative graphic design & web design agency, based in Northamptonshire, delivering website design and development, digital marketing and corporate branding services that drive tangible and measurable results for your business.  If you have would like help discussing how you can benefit from our advertising services call the team on 01933 678 522 or complete our online contact form and we’d be happy to help.