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Today’s topic – Communication.

More often than not you will experience difficulties with your design agency due to a breakdown in communication. This can be avoided and will make any creative process easier and much smoother. As a potential client you will have your vision and will want it executed to perfection by your chosen design team – but information can get lost in the noise and become muddled.

Communication is key

The brief can be the start and end of your working relationship. Your brief must be clear and concise. Emails can be read wrong or not seen all together – we recommended a face to face meeting to discuss any new project. This is where there can be a breakdown in communication.

The designer will start working on something that they think the client wants. The client will be assured the designer is delivering exactly what the clients want. But when the designer shows the client their work, it may not meet the client’s vision thus creating a strained relationship – which in most cases is the nature of the job.

For a working relationship to work, there needs to be trust. This is why at Rak Design we create a clear line of communication that is kept open from the start of the project until the end with multiple meetings, emails, texts, and phone calls in-between. Unlike some agencies who will only to speak clients through scheduled meetings- this does not work for us, as projects change and things evolve. This transparency creates a stress-free and enjoyable working relationship without any problems.

As a project moves down the production line at Rak Design we keep the clients updated. This can be done through a phone call or face to face meetings. This is also a time where we can discuss any potential changes to the project- this could be elements in a logo or a different typeface for a printed piece. This leaves the client and the designer knowing exactly where they are. Resulting in no confusion.

What can the client do to help?

At Rak Design we pride ourselves on being approachable, flexible and inviting resulting in a transparent relationship which delivers the best outcome on both sides. As the client, you need to be ‘picky’.

Being ‘picky’ will give the design team the direction in where to take the project. You should not apologize for bringing something to the designer’s attention if it does not match up to your vision letting the designers know as soon as possible could save you time and money in the long run. This could be; you do not like colours used or you want to add more elements to an artwork. You should always be given the confidence from your design agency to speak freely. This also reduces any confusion and creates a seamless project that the client and designer can enjoy.

As a client, you will need to give clear and concise instructions to get the results you want. The more detailed the brief the better. This should not be a page of 10 keywords. But rather an overview of what who you are and what you do. This could include your target market and any USP’s.

Creative people are visual, always show them examples of things that you like. Designers will appreciate this as it gives them a basis to work from. At Rak Design we will have conversations with you at the start of the project to figure out what it is you are after and where we can help. During this process we will ask for images and material that you like or that sparked your imagination. This creates a strong base for the working relationship to prosper and grow from.

What Rak Design can do to help

Here at Rak Design, we want to deliver your expectations and much more. We take pride in making any creative process as smooth as possible and this can only be done by being transparent and honest along every stage of development and design.

As a creative agency, we don’t just bring you creativity but also experience in how to build your business and reach the heights you desire. This comes from our years of experience in working closely with brands. This comes down to a transparent relationship that allows us and the client to communicate confidently to deliver the best project possible.

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