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Marketing Strategy for SMEs. Why building your Marketing Strategy begins with excellent Logo Design

This is the first in a series of three articles. Which look at why logo design, branding and corporate identity are crucial to your marketing strategy and examine how your organisation can benefit from each.

A professional logo is a critical first step to building your brand and corporate identity. So we begin by discussing logo design in this article. First though, it’s a good idea to go back to basics and get a clear definition of what a logo is.

What is a logo?

Logo noun. Also called logotype

A graphic representation or symbol of a company. Usually uniquely designed to be immediately recognisable and instantly identify the company. A logo can be purely graphic or may include text, such as the company name.

A logo is just one part of your company’s brand. It is vital to have a first-rate logo because when it comes to building your brand. The colours, graphics and fonts utilized in your logo will most likely be used in your other promotional materials. Ensuring visual consistency is an important part of your marketing strategy. As it enables your company to be instantly recognisable to potential customers, even at a glance.

Great logos: A few examples

It’s always useful to look at some examples of successful logo design. Coca-Cola often springs to mind as an example of great logo design. Not only is Coca-Cola probably the most successful brand on earth. It is clear that its logo has stood the test of time. As the swirly symbol is almost identical today to how it was first designed in 1886.

Another ubiquitous symbol is the golden arches. McDonald’s logo exemplifies the keeping it simple school of thought. A single oversized M represents the company and renders this fast food giant. Instantly recognisable on the road, in towns, shopping malls, and anywhere and everywhere that it can be found.

Technological super company Apple’s logo has become a familiar symbol across the world. A simple silhouette of an apple with a single bite taken out of it, this clever logo instantly communicates the

Apple brand when it is seen on phones, computers, accessories and publicity. It wasn’t always like this though. In 1977 the Apple silhouette was made up of rainbow coloured bars and it was only in 1999 that the monochrome version was introduced. With this sleek and contemporary version, Apple have shown that it is possible to update a logo and move with the times if necessary.

How important is a logo for a small or medium sized business?

With a global recession, cash-strapped consumers and struggling banks to deal with, times are tough for small businesses. SMEs must be able to compete against giant corporations and even offer something extra to attract customers. It’s not all doom and gloom though. By ensuring that your company has a dynamic, proactive marketing strategy you can put yourself ahead of the game. Building your brand and corporate identity will ensure that customers recognise you before they even know your name. This starts with your logo. Make sure that it can be seen in the right places everywhere; on your building, in your local newspaper, on your promotional materials, as a sponsor at local events, over the internet, even driving around town on your car (which may be tax deductible). Potential customers will eventually connect up the dots of your logo and see the image of your company.

Finding a good logo designer

The key ingredient to an effective logo is a first-rate logo designer. Select a professional who can show you examples of previous success stories and who will talk you through the design process. This is not the time to scrimp and save because a decent logo will be the backbone of your marketing success. The process might take days or months but it’s important that logos are thought through carefully. They should be memorable, timeless, simple graphics that will stand the test of representing your company to the world for the foreseeable future.

Rak Design offer a professional logo design service which is ideal for SMEs. Feel free to browse for inspiration in Rak Design’s extensive portfolio or contact us for more information on our comprehensives services.

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