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Logo Designer, Rak Design we know all about attention-grabbing, visually pleasing, brand-relevant logos. We offer bespoke logo solutions and graphic design. Which will show off your organisation, brand or product at its very best. Catering for organisations of all sizes and requirements. We are able to deliver great results for all our clients with our expertise including logo redevelopment. Original logo design, graphic design work, brandin, and corporate identity design work. Our logo design work can be seen on signage, brochures, promotional materials, stationery, online and in print across the UK and beyond.

We regularly take on logo redesign and logo redevelopment projects. For clients who are looking for a fresh twist on their current brand. At Rak Design we specialise in redeveloping logos and graphic design to create a fresh new look and breathe new life into a brand whilst maintaining the existing brand identity.

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