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User experience tips-

Want to improve your conversion rate? User experience might hold the key. The majority of users will not return to a website after one bad experience, in fact, 88% of people will not return. This will be damaging for your site. It is important that you have a well-designed website to keep user interaction high and conversions successful.

User experience (UX) is the overall experience a user will have on your site or app. It is not a single design element. User experience is how the whole site or app works together and the feelings and experiences it gives the user. This could include various designed elements and beautifully created featured elements. UX is all about small interactions working together to create a strong and user-friendly platform, that will deliver exactly what the user wants.

It is vitally important to have a platform that is user-friendly and gives off a good user experience. As 46% of consumers can be turned off a website due to its design. This will include the user experience – how everything is compiled and working together.

Implement these three steps in order to create a stronger platform that will keep users engaged and conversions high.

Consistent Branding

You need to ensure you are using the same theme throughout your platform. This could be, colours, fonts, images and style guides. You need to create one unique appearance throughout your site. Studies have shown that consistent branding can increase sales by up to 23%. Your theming and branding will need to be consistent through all the platforms you are using. This could include, desktop, mobile, and tablet. It is so important that you carry the same brand message across all of these, to allow the user to trust you as a brand and the service they are using.

Your branding will give users the trust and confidence to come back to your store or service and spend their money. For more information on the importance of branding click here.

Clear Calls to Action:

A Call to action (CTA) is a prompt on a platform that tells the user to take the desired action. It is usually written as a command and will include things like buttons on websites such as, “Sign up” or “Buy now.”

To get the most out of your UX design there are a few steps that you should cover:

  • Make your buttons large and clickable! The text shouldn’t be the only element users can click.
  • Your text should be easy to understand. It can be to your brand tone of voice. Users need to know exactly what is going to happen when they click on a button.
  • The font you use should be clear and easy to read. You don’t want to make reading a CTA to be hard it needs to be quick and decisive.
  • All CTA’s should stand out from the rest of your design. Stay in your colour palette but use a different tone or different shapes. This will help distinguish the buttons from the rest of the content.
  • If your theme allows and it fits in with your brand, you should use smaller complimentary details such as arrows and shopping carts. This will show the user you have thought about your site and in turn will create better trust.
  • This one is underrated, you need to make the most of the white space you have on offer, this will content and CTA’s to breathe.

Design for Users, Not Designers:

As a designer, you need to remember that the website you design is going to be used by people who may not be from a creative background. For this step, it may be best that you conduct your own research and find out what works well on certain sites, and what doesn’t. this will allow you to create a site that can look fantastic and work well, as you have put the consumers at the front of your thinking.

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