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Well, lets think about this firstly from the customers’ point of view-Ecommerce.

The importance of design in eCommerce; One evening a customer is looking for a new LED television, he searches and searches, then finally finds a product that he likes and the price. Goes through the shopping experience and before you know it he has bought the perfect items without any hesitation. Simple right!

What made this person have the ‘feel good’ factor? Yes first the perfect product and price but what else?

Design. A good design helps make the experience comfortable and pleasurable. A badly designed website can frustrate customers and leave the site even if the product and price are perfect. This kind of experience will make this customer return to your site over a competitors without hesitation (your so called returning customer). This experience is mostly likely be shared in a positive way with the community.

When the design is wrong, you can feel isolated, lost, distressed and badgered. When it’s right, you feel warm, appreciated, valued and accepted.

One of the best recent success story on design and the experience can be seen with iPod,  iPhone and iPad.  iPod a MP3 player – MP3 player has been out for years but how this MP3 Player changed ways. iPhone a mobile phone, nothing different in revolution but Apple made ‘the experience’ a great one. Okay I know this is not eCommerce but I hope you see my point – Power of good design!

Well, it starts with the design. Confidence in your own design is tangible. Once the user has found you and is following their nose around your layout, they can smell it. When they know it all works – that it’s all been made with them in mind – they relax. When they relax, they drop their inhibitions. They start to feel that anything’s possible and at that point of intersection – when all your hunches, thoughts, bright ideas, knowledge and creativity come together – that’s when they reach for their credit card.

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