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How to encrypt your website. Chrome 68 will soon flag all unencrypted pages as “not secure”

Google will start inserting a “not secure” label. This can be found in the address bar of every website that uses HTTP connections between its servers and users.

Computerworld has written a full article about it here

This move from Google could potentially affect your business. Imagine a customer seeing a message saying “This website is not secure” they wouldn’t feel confident enough passing over their card details to your website. You could be losing customers!

Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS can be quite a task. We advise making the switch as soon as possible. If you’re considering a new website an SSL should be setup from day one to make sure your website is safe. SSL implementation is not a complex or costly process. Your website developer should be able to work with your hosting provider to sort this out.

If you’re concerned if this will affect your website, Rak Design are here to help.

Rak Design (UK) Ltd are a creative graphic design & web design agency, based in Northamptonshire, delivering website design and development, digital marketing and corporate branding services that drive tangible and measurable results for your business. If you have would like to discuss building a website to enforce secure encryption, call the team on 01933 678 522 or complete our online contact form and we’d be happy to help.

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