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We were approached by Jeram Jewellers. Who was really excited about their unique products and wanted a first-class website. That would resemble the brand and represent the exclusivity of their beautiful jewellery. At Rak Design we were spoiled by the joy of Jeram Jewellers. And became just as excited about the website and as they were about the product. We too were inspired to create something original and different.

After talking to the client and seeing their products. We knew that this jewelry needed something very special. We wanted to create little moments of discovery and interactivity but without the use of Flash technology. Our lack of Flash in this instance. Was not because we are not fans. But because companies often block the use of Active X in the office. We knew that we had to produce a site that these customers would be able to reach from any scene.


We had our art director create the ‘Garden Party’ photo collection for the Jeram Jewellers website. The idea was to show off their unique nature-inspired products in relevant natural surroundings. To create a set of stunning photographs which would do justice to the jewelry on-site. By combining design creativity and high-quality photography. Delighted to be able to create new and effective ways of displaying the beauty of Jeram Jewellers’ products to their customers.

We also wanted to create an e-commerce website system that was simple to use. That would encourage customers to purchase from the site. We built in a simple cart and checkout service helped by customer accounts. Which customers can now use to buy with ease again and again.

Jeram Jewellers’ new website is now live. We are happy to say that all concerned are very pleased with the final results. For example, the website has been another great asset. To the great things that can happen when we at Rak Design. Become spoiled by a client’s passion for their own products. And are inspired to create an equally stunning site.


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