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Staying ahead of GDPR

Superseding national laws, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) intends to unify data security across the world. But do you have a clear data privacy strategy that addresses the EU’s GDPR?

As of May 2018, a regulation enforced by the European Parliament, Council and Commission is set to strengthen data protection within the EU. This will address how personal data is exported internationally. Fundamentally, it will affect how you integrate data security, store and manage data and allocate overall retention time globally.

Individual rights to data access will increase forcing the organisation (rather than the individual) to prove that data needs to be retained and not disposed of.

You still have time!

The new regulations provide the opportunity to get your data in order and to clarify:

  • What data you have
  • Where it’s stored
  • Who has access
  • Is usage of the data still as originally intended

Giving consumers more responsibility over managing and controlling how their data is used. The new regulation will also ascertain how international organisations access and utilise, data of European citizens. Making it easier for the public to protect data online.

GDPR’s hefty fines

If data security is not restricted, organisations will be hit with heavy duty fines of up to 4% of annual global turnover. In preparation for the restricted regulation, businesses are having to create, develop and implement a clear privacy policy that consumers will be able to read and understand, other than a tick box scenario.

The privacy policy needs to outline to consumers:

  • An indication of the personal information intended to be collected
  • The opportunity to accept or refuse the data collection process
  • An explanation of how the data will be used
  • An agreement that any data collected must be used for stated purpose only

Development and implementation of consumer based privacy policies are not only mandatory but must comply with the GDPR, providing evidential support that the policies have been strictly adhered too.

Don’t be caught out by May’s regulations and create a policy that keeps the law and your customers in mind!

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