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With the power and growth of social media over the few years we have seen the meteoric rise of Instagram. Instagram constantly keeps evolving to bring their users the most up to date software and trends. You should use to your advantage. With Instagram being a free place to advertise your products. There are some steps that you will cover in order to maximise your sales. To make your Instagram and a great source of business.

1. Your content needs to be amazing.

Getting people to notice you on Instagram can be hard and, in some cases, near impossible. You will need to take time with your content in some cases employ a professional photographer to help you take more appealing photos. You will need to view your Instagram as another shop that you can manage and promote.

2. Captions are king.

When you post your images to Instagram you will need to be thinking of your captions (description) as part of the image. This will help you bring new people to your page and connect with a wider audience. This is also a place where you can promote your brand image and how you want to come across to your viewers. You will need to use language that will be recognised by your target audience- which will help with people commenting and liking your posts.

3. Hashtags help.

This process can be a bit freer as it will best work through trial and error. You will need to make sure are making the most of the “explore” page as is it will allow you to find tags that best represent your product. Ideally, you should be using between 20 and 30 hashtags per post. This will allow you to get as much coverage as possible and bring in a larger pool of potential new customers. There are apps that you are able to use that can help you with tags like Top Tags & Leetags.

4. Make your post shoppable.

If you are selling any products you will need to make the posts shoppable giving the consumer the option to buy the product by including a link to your online shop. This does need to be done in moderation as too many shoppable posts can become very saturated and can turn customers off your brand. This will allow for quick access and the consumers can also read reviews and comments on the Instagram post. This can be a very powerful tool if done correctly.

5.start engaging with your sector.

Your profile should be all set up now and firing on all cylinders. You can now start to engage with those in your sector and attract a new audience. For example if you are working on the food industries you should search for posts containing the hashtag “instafood”. By doing this you will be able to engage with those who are also interested in your sector. From here you will need to comment and like 80-100 posts per day. This will give you the organic traffic that will help boost your brand.

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