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The Story

Designer Furniture Store is an online furniture company based in the UK.  Providing high-quality furniture, offering a variety of substrates including Oak, Pine, and Walnut, they offer customers, large household items at prices, customised to individual selection preferences.

Offering a very niche product in a highly competitive market it was imperative that our team at Rak Design, delivered an interactive platform which could be accessed and utilised by their demanding audience.

The Solution

Creating a platform which would offer quick view opportunities of their products, together with instant identification through online servers, the Magento platform was perfect for the job and adapted to fit in with Designer Furniture Store’s very specific requirements.

The Finished Product

Not only did Rak Design, build an interactive website (not from wood may we add!) but helped them to integrate eCommerce into their Google shopping channel and subsequently, set up a PPC campaign.

The store is now more than just furniture providers; they have now encompassed a growing audience on a national scale and are currently on their way in becoming a well-known household name.

We now know who to come to for our next shipment of office furniture!

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