Check Services


Check Services are pest control auditors for the food and allied industries, producing technical reports for a number of well-known hotel chains, supermarkets and food manufacturing companies including some of the largest bakeries, mills and cereal manufacturers in the UK.


Rak Design began with the task of retouching the logo. We analysed the inconsistencies in the alignment of the existing logo which make it difficult to reproduce. Then we redrew the logo in six options, ranging from the straightened up logo, to adding a coloured background, to a final option taking the logo 3D. Although Check Services had decided at the outset they didn’t want to make changes to the existing logo, we were pleased to exceed their expectations in presenting six logo options with the company finally choosing the dynamic 3D version. In this way, we managed to maintain the integrity of the existing logo whilst still evolving Check Services’ corporate identity using simple 3D arrow imagery which was extended across promotional materials and letterheads.