Allprint Display

Branding ,Web design

Over the last 18 years, Allprint has developed from trade printers into full-service printers, offering its clients the latest in print technology, along with good old fashioned customer service – a combination which it says never fails to impress.

The problem

Employing the skills and expertise of Rak Design, Allprint Displays request was simple: create a platform and brand that could sell quality services through a modernised and exciting website. The team at Allprint Display also wanted a printed brochure creating that could be released alongside the website.


The use of colour was key to this project, making the company look fun and exciting yet professional, as appropriate for a printer. This needed to come from the new brand identity, which meant that the new logo was now much more streamlined and incorporated colours to represent the services Allprint Display offer. This branding was then taken over into the website design, using bold colours and plenty of white space to create a modern and fresh website that best portrayed the brand. As well as digital media Allprint Display also wanted a new printed brochure creating which took direct reference from the website- using the same colour scheme and correlating page layout.


Launch live site