8 Barrels Club

Branding ,Web design

Fermenting the Ideas

8BarrelsClub.com is the next generation in drink retailers.

Appealing to online users through its edgy and dynamic approach to customers, brothers Nikesh and Dipan Patel wanted to create a company brand that would reflect their passion for the industry and widen their audience reach.

Employing the skills and expertise of Rak Design, the Patel brothers request was simple: create a platform and brand that could sell quality products through a modernised and collaborative style.

Centered and created out of a passion for quality spirits, the finished material needed to reflect the fineries of the products.

The Distillery Stage

Defining the company name was key in ascertaining the theme of the website and the overall brand.

Combining the source carrier of the products together with a modernised feel, the team at Rak Design not only secured a recognisable brand but ensured it was as distinguishable as the spirits themselves!

Extending the functionality of the website, the team wanted to integrate imagery that was eye-catching and appealing to audiences of all ages – including interactive touch points such as drink recipes and collective storyboards taken from active social media channels.

The Finished Product

Creating a company brand that was unique, modern and clean with a rustic feel, Rak Design successfully positioned 8barrels.com at the top of the spirit chain (figuratively speaking of course!).

Launch live site